Item Names and Descriptions

M-18 Noctem
The Noctem was developed for high risk night combat. Equipped with a dual monocular night vision and thermal scope, this sniper rifle boasts the highest performance rating in its class. The Noctem was blacklisted immediately after its development, and only the most elite snipers are granted access to this weapon.

Manta Pulse Rifle
The Manta Pulse Rifle releases short, powerful bursts of stinging gunfire. Though it is most effective at a shorter range compared to others in its class, the Manta is a favorite among infantry troops.

The M11-Corrosion is a special class of weapon, designed to fire acid capsule bullets. Upon contact, the special designed bullet shatters, releasing the acid held within. Research has found the Corrosion is an excellent interrogation tool.

Other weapons:
S-33 Hyper Torque
VR-57 Houndshark
HS-38 Atom Breaker

The Hummingbird
Unusually large for its class, this hovercraft is known for its trademark hum. This craft was not meant for subtlety or secrecy. The droning of several dozen hummingbirds usually signifies the beginning of an all-out assault.

Sun Darter
The Sun Darter is a blazing fast kinetic motorcycle. Clocking in speeds at 240mph, only the best drivers can handle this speedster. When asked about the safety of their vehicle, Aon Technologies said, “If you’re asking about safety, you don’t deserve to ride her.”

Other vehicles:
R99 Barnacle